Yes, I have shirked my responsibilities

For the first time in… five years, I have abandoned my schedule entirely. I missed the occasional day of my writing blog, but never like what I did over the past two weeks.

But moving cross country proved more time consuming that I had planned.

I won’t be seeing that sign again for awhile.

I saw some really amazing things on the road.


I’m the one in black.
Yes, that is Willy Nelson… made out of corn.
My fellow Neil Gaiman friends can freak out now.

Several iconic American cities.

Cleveland rocks! From my car. It was very cold and wet that day.

And lots and lots of cows.


Yes, Montana and South Dakota aren’t much more than cows.

Well, except for Rushmore.

Yeah, I took that picture.

And the Black Hills National Forest.


Yeah, I kind of fell in love with the landscape of South Dakota.

The sky goes on forever, and the wind blows right through you.

Not the weather, but the landscape. From the safety of my car, South Dakota was just beautiful.

But I’m safely settled in Washington now. Just a few hundred feet from Puget Sound.


So, I will, once again, resume my duties. On Monday, Last Call: Parting will be live, and next Friday, I will have another book review. For now, I’m gonna enjoy the salt water breeze, and stretch my legs.

Seriously, even the Jeep, with all that leg room… I’m still walking off the cramps.

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