Plans within plans

So yesterday was a bit of bust writing-wise. I had a surprisingly full day at work and came home sore and tired. I took a muscle relaxer and sat down for a bit, only to not get up again until I went to bed, which was early. At least, I wasn’t laying in bed.

Today will likely be a little weird. My oldest is starting today, volunteering at the museum. We have training, and if more artists show up (like yesterday), I have a lot of running around to do as well. Still, I will likely get a break in the late afternoon. I really need to buckle down and turn that into writing time. My boss genuinely doesn’t mind (she usually hires college students, and expects them to do homework during the inevitable downtime. This is because few adults *want* to work in a museum. But I’m a huge nerd, who wants a quiet job, where no two days are alike.)

Hoping to read to my beta tonight (yes, these stories are short and reading them, out loud, to my beta combines several editing steps, and yes, I do it every, single Chelsea story), and get that feedback. It’ll depend on how my day goes.

I have noticed it staying light out after I get home now. In a week or so, I might be able to walk my dog after work! It’ll be longer before I can walk him before work too. But when those days start happening, oh baby, life will be good.

On the closet front, yesterday saw none of that either, so I just up and ordered the equipment. 1. It’s cheap, under $10, and 2. It’s always good to have a back up. I have several resistance bands for that exact reason. It’ll be here by Friday (I think? Can’t remember at the moment), and my last excuse for skipping PT is gone.

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