Achievement Unlocked!

I got some writing done yesterday!!

Not a ton and, in fact, I realized immediately I had no monster and that’s like… the main part of any Chelsea story. But I have a setting, I have a place, and it was fun to write it. That’s equally important to me.

Also, my equipment is already here, came way early. So Saturdays are now PT days. Part of me want to bring my workout clothes to work and change before I leave, but I do PT at home, so this is a touch extreme on my part.

Gonna brain storm on a monster today. The real bitch of having an Original Universe tm, is that you have to come up with all the rules and monsters yourself. Now I do have a few standbys, but really, I’d like a few more. Also, making up monsters is fun. I usually check out folklore and urban myths, and tip my hat before yoinking their wallets. It might be a day reading up on New Mexico legends.

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